Benefits of installing an office water cooler

The purpose of the office water cooler is to keep your employees hydrated throughout their working day. Some may think to gather around the water cooler will waste your employee's time and your money. But if you consider the health and other benefits of installing a water machine for the office, you will find worth it.

Besides, a water cooler will not only keep your employee hydrated but also keep them efficient and focused. So, without wasting any time, let's discuss the benefits of installing a water cooler in the office.

Health Benefits

Installing a water cooler for office has numerous health benefits and keeps your employees and visitors hydrated and focused on their work. I guess you already know that our body needs 2.5 liters of fresh water every day and unmotivated, lazy, and draining are some of the symptoms of dehydration. That's why for ensuring the productivity of your office, the water cooler is crucial.

Besides, freshwater keeps us energetic in our workplace. When we consume water, the blood flow of our body increases so does the oxygen supply in our brain. It not only keeps us energetic but also keeps us refreshed and helps us to enjoy the work. An energetic and refreshed employee can be proven as an asset to the company. So, if you are investing on a water dispensing machine, you are actually investing on your well-being on your company.

Effortless maintenance

Water coolers are easy to maintain, and cleaning the cooler once a month is enough. However, you have to replace the parts regularly to maintain the hygiene of the water cooler. Besides, most of the water cooler comes with warranties. So, anything happens to the cooler; they will replace the parts. 

However, before buying any cooler, make sure they have excellent customer service, and the cooler is durable and long-lasting to avoid any future harassment.

Environment friendly

Most of the bottom load water dispenser uses recyclable plastic bottles and other eco-friendly materials. This type of plastic bottle water coolers can be used several times after recycling. Besides, water coolers are energy efficient too.


There are different types and sizes of water coolers available, which leaves you plenty of options to pick your ideal water coolers for office. You can place a compact water dispenser in the corner of your office if you have limited space. So, your employees no longer have to stock bottles into the fridge to have cold water in-office time.

Increase worker productivity

Installing an office water cooler service will increase worker productivity and efficiency. Workers who have access to fresh drinking water will be 25% more productive and happy than those who are hydrated throughout the working hour. If the workers are efferent and happy in the working time, they could be able to handle the challenging office tasks. It will also boost their productivity and create a perfect environment for working.

It's the law

Every office in the UK must ensure some various essential and necessary amenities and ensuring clean water is one of them. Don't you think a well-maintained water cooler could be the best way to provide clean drinking office water.


Most of the office water coolers nowadays available at an affordable price, and both bottle-fed and the mains-fed are quite inexpensive and can save a lot of money in the long run. The office water bottles can be easily replaced or recycled in a limited budget.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that the office water cooler will have a significant impact on the health and working environment of your office. It is affordable and easy to maintain. So, I don't think you will ever regret buying the water dispenser.